Revisiting A Store Favourite. The Dragon Eye Acrylic Plug!

Got your eye on something? Well, forget about that and check out this Dragon Eye Acrylic Plug! This fun little piece of body jewellery is perfect for any occasion and it comes in 8 different sizes making this acrylic plug perfect for your stretched lobes. It is available in 8mm(0G), 10mm(00G), 12mm(1/2"),14mm(9/16"), 16mm(5/8"), 19mm(3/4"), 22mm(7/8") and 25mm(1").

The image inside this Dragon Eye Acrylic Plug is easy to see as the acrylic is domed slightly at the front to magnify it and to keep it interesting. When buying these from our store, Totally Pierced (Your friends want to know), you may want to check out the other eye plugs and the other plugs & tunnels in general. This store has a huge range of acrylic plugs as well as steel plugs and popular stone look plugs.

This Dragon Eye Acrylic Plug is a saddle fit plug meaning it doesn’t have big sides, purely for your convenience as losing the screw on back is an absolute nightmare. This plug is a beautiful and convenient piece made perfectly to fill the hole in your ear and your heart. 

Get yours here before they sell out.